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From Housewife to Financial Hustler

Rise of women investment and shifts in power.

Gone are the days where women have been an overlooked demographic in investment decision making and the importance of their financial future, even becoming the head of their households when it comes to finances.

In recent years, the investment world has started to change with women no longer being an afterthought as they begin to pursue their financial needs and goals. Traditionally women played a more backseat role when it came to financial decisions, with men normally overseeing the finances within the household, often as the as the bread winner. In the changing social landscape, women have started to take charge of their financial future, often now focusing on their careers and financial freedom, and even starting families later in life or becoming childfree by choice.

Female investment trends and goals

Women are taking charge of their financial futures and are searching for the freedom to pursue investments opportunities with diverse purposes, including building a nest egg for their future, education, retirement, and even financial independence from partners.

Traditionally women have always had a more conservative approach to investing with a lower risk tolerance when compared to their male counterparts. This has also started to shift with women now investing at a younger age, allowing them to take more calculated risks to achieve long-term growth and allowing them to invest with purpose.

Women have even embraced the technological age with an increasing number feeling more comfortable with embracing online platforms and robo-advice to manage their investment portfolios, giving them control and ownership of their financial decisions.
Financial literacy has been one of the biggest challenges faced by women investors today, impacting their confidence in making informed investment decisions. This is where the industry can look at new ways to empower women to gain the skills and confidence to be active participants in the investment world through education opportunities, and a fresh approach to how women viewed as investors.

Female focused advice

The financial industry has always seen as created by men and for men but with the rise of the investment power of women, the industry has had to start evolving with the times to become more inclusive. Financial service providers need to rethink the way that they offer investment opportunities to the female investor to better appeal to their evolving financial goals and increasing financial appetite. From innovative marketing strategies which break away from the stereotypical portrayal of women into more powerful and capable investors, to the creation of new products which cater specifically to women and their desire for more socially inclusive investment options.

Research has shown that most women have experienced inequalities when investing, such as often feeling patronized and not taken seriously by advisors, where they do not feel empowered in their financial decisions. This shows there is still work to do to make the financial industry more female friendly and encourage them to be active participants in investment opportunities.

The future of women and investing

We have started to see a real change in the control of wealth, with women investors becoming stronger players in the world of finance. Their goals and decisions have evolved to be more aggressive and confident compared to what it was 10 years ago. The rise of female investors presents a significant opportunity for the financial industry to build trust and offer an inclusive environment where service providers can tap into this growing market and work with women to achieve their financial goals.


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