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Advisor Category: Short-Term

Nadine Powell

Nadine Powell stands out as a seasoned expert in the world of short-term insurance, boasting an impressive track record spanning 20 years in the industry. Her unwavering commitment and enthusiasm drive her role as an insurance adviser. Throughout her career, Nadine has diligently honed her skills and deepened her knowledge.

Her proficiency in commercial and personal insurance enables her to provide comprehensive coverage and expert guidance, ensuring her clients are protected from potential risks as they pursue their business endeavours.

Nadine is driven by a passion to add value and instill a sense of security in her clients. Nadine’s unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and her steadfast commitment to her craft make her a trusted partner in the realm of short-term insurance, ensuring her clients receive unparalleled support and the highest level of protection.

Ronel Joubert

Ronel Joubert is an expert in short-term insurance, backed by a 19-year journey in the field. Her dedication and passion fuel her role as an insurance adviser, specialising in the domain of transport insurance.

With understanding of the complexities within the insurance industry, she navigates with finesse, crafting tailored solutions for each client. Her adeptness in transport insurance offers comprehensive coverage and expert guidance, shielding clients from risks while pursuing business ventures.

Ronel is anchored by a commitment to excellence and fueled by her passion, she endeavours to deliver nothing short of exceptional service. Her unwavering focus on client satisfaction make her a trusted ally in the domain of short-term insurance, guaranteeing her clients receive unwavering support and the highest level of protection.