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About Christiaan Louw

He specialize in selecting the best insurer to suit your individual or corporate needs. Send us your contact details so that we can book an online consultation session with you.  Subjects that will be discussed:

Financial needs

Income protection

Education protection

Healthcare protection

Estate duty cover


Temporary Disability

Covers your regular, ongoing expenses if you suffer an illness or an injury that’s severe enough for you to be temporarily booked off work. An event like this could impact your income and ability to meet your regular expenses, even over a short period.

Permanent Disability

Replaces your income if you suffer an illness or an injury that’s severe enough to permanently disable you. An event like this could permanently impact your income and ability to meet your regular expenses.

Disease Cover

Covers your additional expense needs that arise from an illness or injury.  The pay-out could be used for anything, but typical examples are medical aid co-payments, medical fees not covered and lifestyle adjustment costs (these can quickly spiral to hundreds of thousands of rands). Pay-out amounts are tiered and the claims criteria meets one of an extensive list of clinical criteria.

Life Cover

Our death cover is completely customizable and can be precisely crafted to exactly match your needs  and that of your family. Different payment structures can be quoted for different needs, and some payment options also make it possible for the beneficiary to decide how the proceeds should be paid when a claim event happens.

Contact Christiaan Louw

I am on a mission to help people just like you, to get the best deal with insurance in a safe, secure way. When South African consumers are being ‘ripped off’ in the financial and Life Insurance industries, we step in to sort it out. Luckily, we are able to offer this service, FREE of charge. All you have to do is input your details and one of our insurance specialists will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the options available.

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