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Golf Day

Aluma golf day at the Pretoria country club

Golf Day

Please read and accept the terms and conditions below to stand an chance to wing 100,000.00 with our hole in one competition

Sound and proper financial advice can only be provided with full disclosure of relevant Information relating to appropriate personal, including private, information for the purposes of determining and advising on my/our financial situation and financial product experience and objectives, in the process of acquiring, servicing or maintaining any financial products, including but not limited to any information relating to or interest in any long-term insurance, unit trust or any other financial products or services, with any long-term insurer, unit trust manager or other financial institution; My/our interests shall be best served if said Information is made available to authorised financial service providers with a legitimate interest in receiving such information for those purposes.

I/we hereby confirm, for the purposes of providing the said sound and proper financial advice to me/us, that full permission and

authority is granted to: Dwayne de Waal.

Digitally Convenient

We’ve equipped you to remain in full control of your investments with our client portal and dashboard. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be making the journey on your own.

Skilled Advisors

Our advanced technology goes hand-in-hand with a human touch, our skilled advisors. Which gives you an unparalleled investment advantage because Aluma advisors use the same systems as our online tools in order to offer consistent, high-quality advice.
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