Private Equity Fund

The fund aims to protect the initial investment, maximise value and generate superior returns for investors by strategically investing in high growth assets and niche industry opportunities.

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The Aluma Private Equity Fund

Aluma’s active investment approach has allowed it to build long-term strategic relationships with private companies across a range of industries. Our diversified investments allow the fund to capitalise on opportunities by harnessing collaborations in the existing portfolios to maximise investor returns.

Disclaimer: All investments carry an inherent level of risk, and any income generated from them may fluctuate. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice to ensure this investment is suitable for your investment needs and meets your level of risk.

Private Equity Growth Scenarios

Aluma aims to deliver returns well in excess of our hurdle rate of 12,9% annually net of fees.

Advantages to our investors

  1. Aluma not only creates the opportunity to invest in the South African Private Equity sector which already has more than R158 billion under management, but also includes international investment opportunities not readily accessible in the marketplace, and this provides investors with a unique avenue to diversify their portfolio.
  2. Ultimately, Aluma aims to provide investors with an investment opportunity that yields superior returns through a portfolio of counterparties that present an optimal blend of return, security and risk mitigation for investors.
  3. To the extent that the 12,9% hurdle rate is exceeded, the investor is entitled to participate in 50% of the growth.
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