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The USD Offshore Global Note

An Offshore Investment option, offering 100% Capital Protection* and leveraged equity exposure to mitigate the impact of a slow-growth environment.

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The USD Offshore Global Note

An Offshore Investment option, offering 100% Capital Protection* and leveraged equity exposure to mitigate the impact of a slow-growth environment.
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* All investments carry an inherent level of risk, and any income generated from them may fluctuate. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Independent financial advice is recommended to ensure this investment is suited to your investment needs and meets your level of risk.

The USD Offshore Global Note

Many investors would like to diversify their investment portfolios to benefit from the growth potential of global diversified portfolios, especially after the recent market corrections, but do not want the risk of zero returns or worse yet, losing any of their capital.

The Aluma USD Offshore Investment Note offers you attractive returns, intra term liquidity and geared exposure to global developed equities, bonds and commodities markets (with exposure to the ZAR/USD exchange rate on any growth at maturity), all in one single fully capital-protected South African Rand (ZAR) investment.

ZAR Capital Protection at Maturity.
Uncapped Participation.
USD/ZAR Positive Return Exposure
Risk Profile

Investment Class
Offshore Structured Note

Investment Focus
Multi-Asset Fund Basket

Capital Allocation


Portfolio Manager
Aluma Capital (Pty) Ltd (FSP 46449)

USD Offshore Global Note Calculator

PLEASE NOTE: The calculations below hypothetically illustrate how the investment would work. These are for illustrative purposes only and are based on the assumption that no early withdrawals are made from your investment.

Investment Overview

The Aluma USD Offshore Investment Note (the ‘Investment’) is a five-year, capital-protected investment linked to a global multi-asset index that follows the performance of a portfolio of developed equities, bonds and commodities markets. The Investment is linked to the BNP Paribas Multi-Asset Global Diversified Index (the ‘Index’).

Invest Locally, Gain International Exposure:
Upon a minimum initial investment of R250,000 you will receive a 100% Participation Rate and added to the investment fund basket.

100% Assets Bought in USD:
Your initial investment will be converted into USD and used to purchase your offshore assets.

Markets do their thing:
The purchased assets are put into a basket, and their performance is tracked as one.

Fund Maturity = 100% Capital Return + Profit:
After 5 (five) years, when the investment matures, you will receive, in full (100%), of your initial investment as well as any profit that was gained during the period.

Are you worried about loss?

Your initial investment amount is protected.

The Aluma USD Offshore Investment Note comes with a 100% Capital Protection. No matter what happens within the marlets you will still receive your initial investment back. You lose nothing, but gain if profits are made.

Would you like to get started on your offshore journey?

For whom is this investment suitable?

This Investment may be suitable if you:
  • Want to invest in South African rand and have a minimum lump sum of R250,000.
  • Want some exposure to foreign currency.
  • Understand and are comfortable with the Index.
  • Are able to commit a quarter of your money for one and three years respectively and the other half for five years.
  • Do not want to risk losing any capital, provided you remain invested for the full term of each tenure in the Investment.
  • Would like to earn attractive Fixed Returns and at the same time benefit geared exposure to any positive growth of global stock markets.
  • Want to diversify your portfolio to markets and assets outside South Africa.
This Investment may not be suitable if you:
  • Cannot accept that the Index may achieve no or very little growth and that the return on the Multi-asset Index portion of your Investment could after five years be zero or less than you could have earned in a low-risk deposit account.
  • Do not understand or are not comfortable with the Index used.
  • Would prefer no foreign currency exposure.
  • Are not willing to assume the full credit risk of the Issuer. If the creditworthiness of the Issuer declines over the investment term, the value of your Investment may also fall, which may result in capital loss if the Investment is sold before maturity. If the Issuer is unable to repay capital or any return due at maturity, you will get back less than is due to you or nothing at all.