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Aluma Capital (Pty) Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP 46449) in terms of The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (37 of 2002)

Private Equity: Growth

Invest with an annual 13.2% Rate of Return* and zero fees, providing exclusive access to investments in growth-oriented enterprises.

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Private Equity: Growth

Invest with an annual 13.2% Performance Rate* and zero fees, providing exclusive access to investments in growth-oriented enterprises.
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Private Equity: Growth Quick Contact form

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* All investments carry an inherent level of risk, and any income generated from them may fluctuate. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Independent financial advice is recommended to ensure this investment is suited to your investment needs and meets your level of risk.

Private Equity: Growth

A product that is meticulously crafted to offer investors unparalleled access to private equity investments targeting growth-oriented enterprises.

Aluma Capital engages in specialised financing within various asset classes through its Private Equity Funds.

To date, private equity has been restricted to high-net-worth individuals and large international institutions.

Our commitment to delivering superior returns is manifested through strategic investments in high-growth sectors and distinctive industry opportunities.

We concentrate our investments in businesses that have a higher probability of superior performance or operate in niche markets / industries.

The underlying investment spread covers multiple sectors and currencies to ensure optimal returns while managing risk.

The Aluma team carefully selects investments according to their strategy, assets and geography. Our aim is to deliver returns well in excess of our performance rate.

Private equity returns are often uncorrelated with market performance and independent of systematic market volatility.

Risk Profile

Performance Rate

5 years

Fund Manager
Aluma Capital (Pty) Ltd (FSP 46449)

Investment Focus
Financial Sector, Agricultural and Housing

Capital raised to date

50% limited partner participation above the performance rate of 13.2%

Fund Asset Allocation

Private Equity: Growth Calculator

Calculate your potential returns on your capital. Investments start from R100,000.

Benefits of Private Equity: Growth

13.2% Performance Rate

Clients are presented with an attractive Performance Rate* of 13.2%. Aluma Capital ensures that the investment opportunities offered to clients have the potential deliver substantial returns. This competitive rate highlights Aluma’s aim to deliver clients with opportunities for significant investment growth.

Growth on Initial Capital

The Private Equity: Growth option focuses on capital appreciation, aiming to maximize the long-term growth potential of the investment. This choice enables clients to align their investment strategy with their specific financial goals and preferences, catering to their individual needs and objectives.

* The performance rate is the minimum rate of return that an investment must generate in order to be considered successful.

Why Invest in Private Equity?

Superior Investment Opportunities

Aluma not only creates the opportunity to invest in the South African Private Equity sector which already has more than R158 billion under management, but also includes international investment opportunities not readily accessible in the marketplace. This provides investors with a unique avenue to diversify their portfolio.


Ultimately, Aluma aims to provide investors with an investment opportunity that yields superior returns through a portfolio of counterparties that present an optimal blend of return, security, and risk mitigation for investors.

Higher Growth

Should the 13.2% hurdle rate be exceeded, the investor is entitled to participate in 50% of the growth.